Midas milosavljevic

Game/Software Developer

About Me

I’m a third year HBO-ICT Game Development student from the University of Applied Sciences Amsterdam. I like to make stuff. When I am not making/playing games, chances are I am playing/listening to music or watching japanese cartoons.

Work Experience

Feb 2018 - Jun 2018

Virtual Play - Dutch Game Garden

Jaarbeursplein 6, 3521AL Utrecht

Internship game\software developer. Here I ported, released and build further on Soccer Nations and made a android tablet manager app for WarChild.

2014 - present

Several Side-jobs

Except for the small period when I had my internship, I always have a side job to fill my wallet a little. This includes work in the catering industry, gaming sales employee, wardrobe assistant



C# 90%
C++ 70%
Java 85%
Html & CSS 50%
Python 60%


2016 - present

HBO-ICT Game Development

2015 - 2016

High school - Havo

2009 - 2015

High school - Bilingual VWO

If you are interested in my portfolio and or playing things I made, CLICK HERE.