Grappling DOOM

This is a high paced arena shooter where you move around like Spiderman. Your main movement tool is a grappling hook to dodge enemy bullets and shoot them till everything is dead.

The game has random level generation and it is my first project in the Unreal Engine. At first, I had a lot of trouble with it, but I learned a lot and I can confidently say I am proficient with the engine. We worked really hard, but at our final product review the game was almost at a state where we wanted it to be. I am currently rebuilding the game in the Unity engine and I want to release that somewhere when it is finished. I still prefer the work flow and compile times that Unity provides over the little performance boost that C++ offers.

Updates for the revival of this project will come soon!

Soccer Nations Battle

This is a game I worked on at my internship: Virtual Play. First I made the deprecated project from 4 years ago playable again. Afterwards I made sure it ran on Windows and rebuild the platformer to a casual competitive multiplayer game. I helped release the game on steam and helped promote the game at INDIGOx.

Drunken symphony

Another gamejam game I did with friends. You play as a young adult visiting his family in another town. After a night out he comes home after curfew. He needs to complete certain objectes in minigames while avoiding other family members.

Here I programmed the minigames and the family detection system. We had a lot of ideas, but we didn’t manage our time efficiently and we ended up cutting a lot of features. I does look nice though and we had a lot of fun making it.

Be Right Back!

This game was an assignment for a course at school. But the only requirement was that it needed to be developed with the unity engine. So I treat this as my first game developed entirely by myself.

This game is a top down shooter roguelike. I wanted to make a roguelike, were you had more control over the upgrades that you got during a session. Turns out that it makes your game stale since you have no variety and randomness keeps it interesting.

When the Wall Falls

This is a local multiplayer game that has a really interesting gameplay mechanic. There is a lizard trying to destroy the all the buildings and a robot who has to protect the buildings and kill the lizard. But after a certain amount of time, the players switch characters while the game continues. Depending on how well you did, you get special attacks every time you switch characters.

While playtesting it with the team we liked it a lot and the character change mechanic really added some depth. But while playtesting it with other people they had a hard time understanding what was going on. So the whole development cycle we were trying to clearly show what was going on. While it improved, it wasn’t at a level that we liked when the project cycle was over. I did learn a lot about UI en UX while developing this. And I especially like the layout of the screen.

Tower of Power

In this game you kill enemies in waves. After every wave you get an upgrade to your magic spells. We wanted to generate levels that fit the upgrades chosen by the player. In the end we chose to label these upgrades with emotions/play styles, and label certain terrain layouts with these same variables. After some refactoring, we achieved a nice result using LudoScope.

We can improve the way it generates level in the future by removing the grid structure in which it spawns terrain. It is now very obvious that it is loaded in chunks and it doesn’t really look visually appealing. But for 2 days of work we achieved a nice result.


This is the first game I made with other people. It was a school assignment which had to be made with Processing3 and written in Javascript. We worked really hard and we actually had a game that had very few bugs and also did not look half bad for my second game ever. Since processing is not actually a game engine and more like a sketchbook, we had to manage our own game loops really well which was a huge pain but a good excersice for developing a understanding in programming.

Looking at what we managed to do with such little experience shows our huge determination and passion. If I look at it now objectively the game is very shallow, has big issues and is way to simple to engage a player for longer than 2 minutes, but I still like it. Everything was made from scratch.

The Light in the Darkness

This is a game I made with some friends at the global game jam of 2017. The theme of this jam was:”waves”. After some brainstorming we decided that an idea with radio waves should be really interesting. In this game you are a submarine that is exploring a cave system, but it is so dark that you can only see about half a cm around your ship. You have a button that sends out a radio wave around you, that highlights all the dangerous objects, but it also alerts enemies. We did not have a lot of experience and I basically coded the entire game with one other friend. Two other teammates drew all the art.

The game did not turn out very interesting. It has a lot of design problems and most of the time the player stares at a black screen. However, I remember my first game jam very fondly. This intense feeling of trying to do as much as you possibly can is weirdly enough something that I enjoyed.

Super Mega Death Dodgeball

In this project, groups were made up of students ranging from different HBO-ICT focused educations that my University offers. The assignment was to make a game in the Blender Game Engine. Blender asked that we delivered an online multiplayer game, which kids could use as a reference to learn from.

In this project I had my first experience with GIT (which I am now very comfortable with), and networking. These were both great challenges which I almost conquered. In this project I worked with teammates who weren’t very motivated. Because this is one of my earlier projects I learned the hard way that taking everything on yourself is not an option and the key to a great product, is teamwork.

I took on the networking task, which took me a while before I got that running. I was not only unexperienced with programming, but also the engine, language and networking itself. I learned a whole lot but the process was slow and this meant that I didn’t have a lot of time for the rest of the game. This meant that the end product is a game that is clearly in very early development stages.

Maybe I’ll remake this game in the future since I still like the concept (Super Smash Bros. mixed with dodgeball).