Towns of Yore

Develop environment: Unreal Engine 5
Languages/libraries: C++

A game currently in development at Yvora Game Studio. The version that is visible on the right is a cozy village building toy. I worked on the volumetric clouds, UI and other general gameplay features. I also rushed to get this trailer done in less than a day haha.

This game is currently being rebuild into a way bigger project. All I can say so far is this:
We are making a cozy city builder controlled in a third person perspective. Every NPC/worker is a unique individual with different skills and trainable stats.
Hopefully I can share more about this project soon!

Yesterday's News

Develop environment: Unreal Engine 5
Languages/libraries: C++

A gamejam game that we decided to flesh out into a fully fledged commercial project!
It is a multiplayer party game where you create crazy news headlines using words that the players themselves have written.
We are all working on this on our time off, and development is progressing steadily.


Bartimeus VR Experience

Develop environment: Unity
Languages/libraries: C#, SteamVR

This is a prototype for a Virtual Reality game designed for visually impaired young adults. Bartimeus, the product owner, is a research facility where rare eye disabilities are researched. It can be tense and scary to get your eyes researched especially for children and/or young adults. After a focus group test Bartimeus concluded that a VR game in the waiting area will alleviate a big chunk of the anxiety that these people feel before getting examined.

It is the first project where I also worked on 3d models and animation.

I and 4 other students with varying educations designed and programmed this prototype.

Unexplored 2
Neural Network

Develop environment: .NET, Unity
Languages/libraries: C#, Python, Keras, LudoScope

This is a roguelike game where if you die, the world stays the same and events the player caused will be remembered for the next playthrough.
The developers wanted to know if machine learning could be applied to improve their custom build level generation algorithm. My fellow students and I analysed their code and gave a detailed report and possible implementations.

Soccer Nations Battle

Develop environment: Unity
Languages/libraries: C#

This is a game I worked on at my internship at Virtual Play. First I updated a mobile game with a lot of deprecated code from 4 years ago to make it playable again. Afterwards I ported it to the PC and rebuild the platformer to a casual competitive multiplayer game. This was my first time interacting with Steam’s backend. Very exciting stuff! I also helped to promote the game at INDIGOx which was a lot of fun.


Lootbox INC.

Develop environment: Unreal Engine 5
Languages/libraries: C++

A gamejam entry I made with my collegues at Yvora for the GMTK gamejam 2023. The theme was:”Roles reversed”. We decided to go for a game where you control a employee at a game company, that controls lootbox results. You have to make sure players keep opening lootboxes for as long as possible, but make sure they do not get to frustrated when they don’t receive any new items.

Virtual Reality

Develop environment: Unity
Languages/libraries: C#

This is a personal project I am currently working on.

Virtual Reality (VR) is a fascinating technology. A recurring problem with VR is inexperienced users often experience severe motion sickness while using the technology. One of these triggers that can cause motion sickness is when the user is teleported in the virtual space. This is needed when a user wants to travel to a spot in the virtual space that the physical play space does not allow.
When utilizing Non-Euclidean space, the environment gets teleported to the player instead of the other way around. Less vomit, more VR fun!

Be Right Back!

Develop environment: Unity
Languages/libraries: C#

This game was an assignment for a course at school. But the only requirement was that it needed to be developed with the unity engine. So I treat this as my first game developed entirely by myself.

This game is a top down shooter roguelike. I wanted to make a roguelike, were you had more control over the upgrades that you got during a session. Turns out that it makes your game stale since you have no variety and randomness keeps it interesting.